Welcome To Creative Soup for the Soul!  It is here that you will find my recipes for creating a balanced life by fulfilling your dimensions of wellness, to help you be creative in all that you do, inspire you to create and find your inner passions.

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Listen to my past radio shows where I talk about how to manage your life with a chronic illness, and many other topics including promoting creative wellness. We have several mini series to listen to that has a lot of helpful information.  You will also find that I interviewed several people to get there take on creativity and wellness.   Click the blue link and listen to the archived shows.   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/creative-soup-for-the-soul

Feel free to browse this sites header as well, it has a lot of useful tips, and other things I believe that might benefit you because they have worked for me.  Feel free to alter or combine my suggestions to make your life productive, creative, and live a happy fulfilled life.

Check out my blog posts to get to know me better and what I am up to!  , Also you can find Creative Soup for the Soul on Facebook where I also post quick blurbs, just click the button to the right that says Facebook.

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I love to challenge myself in various areas of my life.  For the year 2014 my personal challenge for myself is to lose some weight that was caused from medications because of the illness I have. I am heading into remission and I want to  get back to exercising daily to get back into shape.  I will post weekly on that topic on my blog on this site.

I hope that you make the decision to follow my blog even though it is new.  This is another personal challenge for me to actually create, maintain, and learn about having a successful blog.  Merry Christmas from my home to yours!


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