Why Do I Chose to Have Two Different Blogs ?

Although I love to help others who struggle with auto immune diseases and chronic illnesses by posting things that have helped me cope with my own auto immune disease, I also wanted to share my creative side of myself which also helped me through some really rough periods when I was really sick. There are many crafts to chose from and all have different levels as well.  I wanted to create a separate blog for that since it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Although I love to do other things such as reading, writing articles on how-to…I wanted to share the other thing that really benefited me and contributed to me getting well.

There are many benefits to learning a craft.

  • It help me cope with pain issues.
  • It allowed me the freedom to create without judging myself.
  • I was able create gifts for people when money was tight being on a fixed income.
  • It helped take my mind off of my illness.
  • I found it very rewarding.
  • This helped me tap into the creative side of myself even further.
  • It got to focus on something else other than my illness.
  • It stimulated my brain when I learned something new and mastered it.

I hope that this blog inspires you and you continue to follow me as this is a big part of my life now.  I am able to relax, create, and forge through with living well.


About Trish Frederick

I thrive on being creative in all that I do. I have that inner spirit that just loves to use that part of my brain. Weather I am organizing my home, changing a room around, or working in my studio on an art journal page, writing, or creating a craft project, I am always busy finding ways to be creative.
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